Enhancers Summary 

Never suffer from the headaches of battling noise from your computer, network, or ground loop issues again. Our enhancers are uniquely crafted to eliminate interference in your digital audio setup, ensuring you experience the best of your audio system. 


The iDefender+ is a ground loop breaker. This little device intelligently breaks the ground when both the computer and the DAC are earthed at the mains and are causing a hum in your system.  


The iSilencer+ identifies where the electrical noise in your system is coming from and uses Active Noise Cancellation. In addition to reducing noise, the iSilencer+ also reduces jitter, ensuring that the signal received by the DAC is identical to the original source.   


LAN iSilencer 
The LAN iSilencer features a zero-noise design and galvanically-isolated inputs to reduce digital jitter and overall system noise, which can distort the audio signal on your network. 


iPurifier 3 
Now at its third generation, the iPurifier 3 continues to deliver results for those that wish to reduce noise and jitter in their USB DAC system. In addition, a more refined look, ANC II and our latest in relocking technology, the iPurifier 3 raises the bar on how true digital audio can sound.  


SPDIF iPurifier 2 
The S/PDIF iPurifier 3 introduces users a new level of confidence in the S/PDIF format. Eradicating jitters, restoring the signal quality, allowing for ‘bit-perfect’ data transmission, and featuring galvanic isolation, the SPDIF iPurifier 2 is essential for users of the SPDIF format.