Our Story

Apr 25, 2024



The Power of Silence


AMR’s Trickle-Down Technology. 

Our Journey to SilentPower began two decades ago at AMR, our ultrahigh-end sister company. Here, we pioneered several advanced technologies, including AMR’s OptiMains, designed to isolate the power supply from grid noise and DC offset while intelligently adjusting to variations in mains power, and the world’s first multi-loop noise elimination technology, which drew inspiration from military radar cancellation techniques to create a patented ANC technology.  


This trickle-down technology from AMR is found in most of our SilentPower products, including the iPower series, iPurifier series, Active power cables, and more. 


How did SilentPower start? 

When developing products for iFi audio, we embarked on a quest for high-quality power supplies equivalent to that of a battery. Despite exploring many options, we found products that fell short of our rigorous standards whilst reaching exuberant points. So, we developed our own solutions; and SilentPower was born. 


Once one product had been created, we opened a floodgate for research and development. Finding unique and innovative ways to improve a system and building a product catalogue for every common Hi-Fi problem we could find. 


We Understand Why Your Hi-Fi Sounds Dull. 

Through our extensive research over the years, we found that due to noise interference found in either the power chain or the signal chain, many audiophiles feel their Hi-Fi systems sound dull and lifeless, almost as if the dynamics are compressed and there is a veil the music and the listener. However, they are unaware of the problem and how to address it, as the cause is beyond their understanding, but it can be heard. 

For example, in a typical computer audio system (CAS) setup, the USB cable carries both power and data, making it vulnerable to electrical noise, especially from the computer's power supply not optimised for audio. This noise can degrade sound quality, causing jitters, errors, and data loss, resulting in audible distortion and artificial, harsh, and dull sound. 

Our iSilencer+ USB filter is engineered to eliminate electrical noise, targeting both EMI and RFI interference. Simply plug it into your computer's USB port, serving as a crucial link between your computer and DAC. This ensures your music is restored to its intended quality, providing a listening experience with clearer, warmer, and more transparent sound, as well as enhanced bass. 


Introducing ‘SilentPower’ the Brand.  

To meet the high demand for audio enhancer products and prioritise research and development in different sectors, we're launching SilentPower as its own brand.  

Dedicated to unlocking the last 10-30% of your system. 


With great power comes great responsibility. 

With SilentPower comes great sound quality.